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The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives
Sasha Abramsky
The Milk Farm: An Erotic Novel
Luc Milne
At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Bill Bryson
The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
Gambling Heart - Thom Lane I have enjoyed all the Amaranth books, but my favorite was Dark Heart, the first book. So it was very nice to see Lucan and Tam make an appearance in this 5th book, and play a significant part in the story although they are not the main characters.

The main characters are Jay a slave with a little bit of hidden magic and his master Jensen who is a bit of a wastrel. Jay was adorable, but I found Jensen a little too useless and hapless. The story was told in Jay's first person perspective, and even though Jay was able to love Jensen despite his faults, I found that I couldn't be as indulgent, and kept lamenting that this was a story of a worthy slave without a worthy master. However, as the plot unfolded, I did pick up a few hints that Jensen had redeeming qualities. And if anyone could make a man out of him, Master Luke could! :) This is a well written story and a satisfying read.

I really like the way that the author has depicted the slave society of Amaranth with consistency through all the books, so that each book gives the setting a little more depth.

Rysykk's Rise (Rysykk's Rise, #1)

Rysykk's Rise (Rysykk's Rise, #1) - J.C. Natal This would have been a much better book if Alarin hadn't been TSTL so often...

Lord Bereshti's Concubines

Lord Bereshti's Concubines - Aimy Schreiber This is full of smutty goodness and fun! Silvian is a talented concubine in Lord Bereshti's household, and he shares the harem in harmony with 2 other concubines. They get up to mischief and a lot of sex, and the early scenes of the concubines playing are delightful. Then Lord Bereshti's agent buys another concubine, a beautiful boy trained to be obedient, but who is miserable. Jovari comes from a country that morally condemns concubinage, and his bad mood infects the household. Of course Silvian does everything he can to "cure" Jovari, including a lot of training and practice. :)

It's impressive because I think about 75% of this book was erotica, but yet throughout there was a strong sense of story and narrative. I liked Bereshti, and I really liked everything about his household. This was a sweet, entertaining, and hot story.
An Exchange of Hostages - Susan R. Matthews, Gregory Bridges Loved this. In this futuristic society, Andrej is a brilliant young surgeon who is fulfilling his family duty and serving a term with the space Fleet. He learns to his horror that he is expected to become a torturer, and what's worse, during practice sessions that he reluctantly participates in, he finds a deeply rooted sadism in himself. The story is complex and the characters are wonderfully real. Andrej is given an aide who is basically his slave. And then he finds that a young man he's torturing is not at all what he seems...

ETA: Andrej is written as straight, and there's a scene of him with some women officers, but the main relationships seem to be Andrej with his male aide, and with the other young man who starts out as his victim and becomes the 'hostage' he tries to rescue.

Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write)

Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write) - Kaje Harper Simply wonderful. Had me crying at several points (and really happy to be a New Yorker!)

The Spanking Ransom (Gay Historical Erotic Romance)

The Spanking Ransom (Gay Historical Erotic Romance) - Sofia Bane A fun short read. Free on Amazon and Smashwords right now. I enjoyed this quite a lot. Isaac gets an education in spanking when he gets kidnapped by a political dissident. :)

Yes, Sir

Yes, Sir - Ellis Carrington Huh, I don't usually like dream sex, but it worked really well in this story. Just got a nice feeling from how this one wrapped up.

Memoirs of a Gigolo, Volume Seven

Memoirs of a Gigolo, Volume Seven - Livia Ellis I've become completely addicted to this serial...


A.S.H.E.R. - Kallysten Fabulous story. Very believable. A.S.H.E.R. was absolutely the best robot.
The Milk Farm: An Erotic Novel - Luc Milne mancows??

Taboo For You

Taboo For You - Anyta Sunday, Teresa Crawford, Lynda Lamb, HJS Editing, Caroline Wimmer A sweet engaging story full of UST. What made it a really great read for me was how much I liked both MCs. They were both regular guys but the type of guy you'd want for your own neighbor or friend. And I enjoyed all the side characters as well - each had his/her own quirks and was well fleshed out.

Merger of Equals

Merger of Equals - Liz Winters A perfect little gem of a story, just the right length.
The Definitive Albert J. Sterne - Julie Bozza A difficult book to read in many ways and not one I'd necessarily classify as romance. Albert and Ash both go through a lot and there are as many bitter moments as sweet. I'm glad I read this and it's stayed with me but I felt rather drained on finishing and in need of some fluff.

The Marrying Kind

The Marrying Kind - Ken  O'Neill A large part of my enjoyment of this book came from the descriptions of life in Manhattan, which I am not sure will appeal as much to a non-New Yorker. But even aside from that, this is a really good book, about two regular guys in a committed relationship and their adventures while campaigning for gay marriage (by boycotting weddings), while all around them their families are getting married. Kinda like a gay version of chick-lit - gay-lit, maybe? A lovely, light read, with off-page sex but lots of cuddling. :)
Widdershins - Jordan L. Hawk Lovely gentle story with a bit of gothic mystery. Both MCs had appeal and I enjoyed reading this immensely.

Just two quibbles - not a fan of a cock being referred to constantly as a "length." Also, granted, the MC didn't like "Percy," but who in their right mind would shorten Percival to Ival?
Above the Dungeon - S.M.   Johnson I think this book is like an informative tour of bdsm lifestyles but not an immersion experience. The writing flows easily and the characterization is well done. Not a compelling read, but a nice diversion.