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Petar (The Matik Masters #4)

Petar (The Matik Masters #4) - J.C.  Wells Even in M/F romances I'm annoyed by the use of "the male".

This book doesn't contain a single female character.

Yet every single character is either "the male" or "a male". All the time.

I've spoilered this example, but it comes at 17% of the story and doesn't give much away.

"Well you shouldn't have come either way," Petar said, looking away from the male as he came to crouch down at the edge of the pool.

Petar could see the male shake his head slowly out of the corner of his eye, a look of disbelief on his face. "Why do you constantly insist on such a thing? It is my duty as Medical Master that I see to it that you are in perfect health." He paused for a moment. "It is also my duty as a male."

Also, I couldn't get over the end-of-story sex - this is the happy sex! - where Zaa'er, who has somehow managed to penetrate Petar in his sleep, wakes up and starts fucking Petar but then decides he wants to come in Petar's mouth so he pulls out of Petar's ass and immediately pushes Petar's mouth down onto his cock. Ewwww.