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Lord Bereshti's Concubines

Lord Bereshti's Concubines - Aimy Schreiber This is full of smutty goodness and fun! Silvian is a talented concubine in Lord Bereshti's household, and he shares the harem in harmony with 2 other concubines. They get up to mischief and a lot of sex, and the early scenes of the concubines playing are delightful. Then Lord Bereshti's agent buys another concubine, a beautiful boy trained to be obedient, but who is miserable. Jovari comes from a country that morally condemns concubinage, and his bad mood infects the household. Of course Silvian does everything he can to "cure" Jovari, including a lot of training and practice. :)

It's impressive because I think about 75% of this book was erotica, but yet throughout there was a strong sense of story and narrative. I liked Bereshti, and I really liked everything about his household. This was a sweet, entertaining, and hot story.