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Breakdown Motel Part 2

Breakdown Motel Part 2 - Ty Marton, Rynna Cress 2.5 rounded up. This was a bit of a letdown for me after book one. I have to be honest, I liked the first book not because it was superbly written or a great story, but because it was hot. This one is missing the hotness factor for me. There is still noncon/torture, but the descriptions lacked something. It felt like a lot of scenes that started building up to a nice long torture/sex session instead got shorted by some interruption or other to keep the plot moving. There's more telling and less showing overall.

At aroung 78% there was, "He'd been fucked, fisted, beaten, defiled, and degraded..." and I thought, huh, this is what I paid for. Why am I just getting a little teaser mention that it happened? Would have loved a fisting scene. Or the training in detail. Intead, got a lengthy hallucination/dream sex scene...

Looks like there will be a book 3, and I'll probably buy it, but because of book one, not this volume.