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Spliced - flighty_dreams This is actually a very well written and nuanced look at institutionalized slavery and what happens when someone who grew up in an environment of absolute entitlement gets a slave that defies expectations and stereotypes.

In a futuristic society, Matt was born to an aristocratic family in a pro-slavery world that regarded slaves as inherently inferior. He's moved away from his home planet, but took his views on slavery with him. Matt buys Min, an Andorian clone - which is a double whammy in Matt's eyes. Andorians are bred to be beautiful, dumb and docile sex objects. As a clone, Min isn't a real person to Matt, but more like a tool that was "activated" for the purpose of serving him.

When met with absolute obedience, Matt is not an abusive master. However, Min is more than he appears, and when he starts to push the boundaries set by Matt, talking to another slave, sitting on furniture, daring to ask about a book, Matt's reaction is pretty harsh. Min reacts by running away but then tries to negotiate a return to Matt , then Matt reacts back. A lot of this story is Min trying to convince Matt that he's human and Matt's inability to accept Min as an equal no matter how much he cares about him.

Plot spoiler: Unbeknownst to Matt, Min was already an escaped slave when Matt bought him. He'd been genetically modified and trained to be a corporate spy but had turned on his trainers, and was living as a free man named Alex (with a woman!), but occasionally reverting back to slavery to satisfy his Andorian genetic urges. Min/Alex hopes that if he gets Matt to treat him with respect, he can meld his two alter-egos and simply live with Matt as himself...

This is a WIP, but I believe it is near the end - book five out of six seems to be complete. It's not promised, but I'm quite hopeful of an HEA. :)