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Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
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Pack Dynamics

Pack Dynamics - Project Amy A thoroughly charming and fun shifter-love tale. I haven't read a shifter book in a long while because they've become so formulaic, but this book reminded me of why shifter stories sometimes appeal to me. Casey is an orphaned cat-shifter who first came across Mason when he was 12 and Mason was 17. Mason, an alpha wolf, is leading a young pack after all their parents were killed by hunters. He promptly claims Casey and proceeds to bring Casey up. But it's not easy for a sole cat shifter in a pack of wolves, and also not easy living with a very domineering alpha wolf. By the time he's 18, Casey is feeling antsy, and then he has an encounter with another shifter like him, and she knew about his parents..

I enjoyed this story a lot, mostly because it was so clear to the reader (even if Casey is completely oblivious) that Mason wanted Casey from the beginning, that he was patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for Casey to grow up and return his interest, and just when he's about ready to make a move on Casey, Casey disappears on him. When Casey tries to return to the pack years later, he had to face up to admitting what he wants out of life, while dealing with an even more possessive Mason and trying to rescue a girlfriend who's been kidnapped by another pack.

This is better written than most of the shifter books I paid money for.