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Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
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Gilliflowers (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #4)

Gilliflowers (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #4) - Gillibran Brown If you're this far along in the series, you're already pretty vested in Gillibran's story. I went into this book rooting for Gilly and eager to find out how his life with his two daddies has progressed. My expectations were exceeded. This book is the best yet - it remains funny while striking much deeper emotions than the previous volumes. Gilly has some serious issues to deal with here, in his imitable British houseboy way, including his ailing mother, his increasing epileptic episodes and the lifestyle changes that these necessitated, and his ongoing jealousy of his two lovers.

While strict as ever, I really saw a more rounded and dimensional Shane, one who actually dotes on Gilly and disciplines him for his own good. There were some nice scenes between Gilly and Shane that had me a little misty-eyed. :) Dick was more fully realized too and I really loved his growth both as a dom to Gilly and as an extremely sweet lover. The dynamic between these three just gets better and better.