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Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas

A Kept Boy

A Kept Boy - poisontaster This is a RPS (real person slash) fiction set in an alternate America where slavery is legal and slave ownership is expected of the wealthy or famous upper class. Celebrity names populate this AU but they are not movies stars here, just characters. For example, the MC Jensen (Ackles) had been a slave to a master Tom Cruise who seems to be an eccentric mogul and to a master Val Kilmer, an artist.

As this story opens, Jensen, a body slave (read sex slave) has just been bought by the other MC, Jeff (Dean Morgan). Jensen has a long history of abuse at the hands of various masters, and has been trained to behave as the perfect slave. He doesn't know what to make of Jeff, who doesn't seem to want to use him for sex, even though he knows that Jeff wants him.

It's compulsively readable and very smoothly written. The actual story moves quite slowly (the fic is 200,000 words), but the narrative is thoughtful and angsty and held my attention as I was reading. The characters are likable, including the side characters, and I especially liked Cate Blanchett as a therapist. I might have given this 5 stars except I like there to be a grand cathartic moment in these types of stories and there wasn't enough catharsis for me.