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Breach - Katica Locke Wow, that was a satisfying read! The story is loaded with non-con all the way through - there really should be a publisher's advisory - but also manages to be super-angsty and emotional. It's a long book - 643 pages in the PDF version and around 303 in the epub (warning: last 20 pages are ads/excerpts for other books) - but it has enough narrative drive that I read it straight through.

Other men are sleep-walkers, Ishaan is a sleep-rapist. His nighttime security measures have failed enough that he's already raped a slew of unhappy local villagers by the time Roan comes upon him. Roan, an incubus who feeds on sex, comes to town, finds out what Ishaan is and thinks, mmm, buffet. He takes a job locking Ishaan in each night and letting him out in the morning, though of course we know he's not really going to leave the poor sleep-rapist raving alone in his room all night!

Ishaan has no memory when he wakes of what happened while he was asleep, so you have the various non-con shenanigans going on at night, while the MCs' prickly daytime relationship slowly evolves. That's basically it, the bulk of the book. There are various side-plots of the resentful villagers hostile to Ishaan, mad scientists after Roan, and Roan's incubus brother, but other than pushing the story along, they don't matter too much.

The plotting is maybe a bit too serendipitous, the world-building a little light, but I didn't really care about any of that. This was just the story I wanted when I bought this book and it delivered as promised.