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Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
The Missing Butterfly - Megan Derr 4.5 stars, rounded up. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this book.

Cassidy was a teenager with a band and hopes of fame when his parents were killed in an accident. In order to keep his young brother and sister, he had to give up his music and keep a dull stable job.

Years later, the kids are mostly grown and Cassidy has found a new job which gives him some chance at a future. He really wants to keep this job and tries to camouflage himself as a shy nerdy office worker, but his gorgeous boss can see that something is a little off...

This story has a nice mix of cinder-fella and rockstar themes, and Cassidy was an awesome MC. Malcolm was just slightly less realized than Cassidy, but I loved his reactions everytime he found a new facet to Cassidy.

I first read this months ago, and have just now re-read it, and it holds up well on a second reading.