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The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives
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Bill Bryson
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Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
Abandoned (Galactic Betrayal #1) - Silvia Violet OK, so the two MCs together don't have the brains of a gnat - that didn't stop me from hugely enjoying this book!

The way these two men can think themselves in circles is hilarious, and the dizzying did-he-betray-me, no-he-can't-have, yes-he-did, will-he-ever-forgive-me, I-hate-him-he-left-me-behind, I-love-him-does-he-love-me, mental jumps they make at least kept the non-stop sex interesting!

And the sex scenes, complete with BDSM scenes and a strong hint of non-con, were well written and pretty hot!

It's not deep, it's not especially thought provoking, but it's like a roller-coaster adventure ride, and it's good fun.