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Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
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The Trap - Indigo Wren This is totally a soap opera and the melodrama doesn't end with the farfetched premise. If you stop at any point in this story and wonder what would be the most soap-opera-melodramatic thing that could happen next, you will have probably predicted the next plot twist. However, the dialogue is snappy, the writing style is smooth and very pleasing, and Ethan and David make a hot couple.

The dub-con is much more psychological than physical, but definitely there. This is a story of two young inexperienced guys whose reactions to everything are extreme. A moment's embarassment can cause a drastic flight, and the flight can provoke an equally drastic response. Everything has to be done with a grand gesture. But somehow it is still consistent because of who these guys are - simultaneously geeky and immature, and also young computer whizzes with larger than life ambitions. Indigo Wren did an outstanding job of capturing all these traits in both characters.

I read this on a plane all in one go, and didn't have any urge to flip to something else. I enjoyed this a lot.