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The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives
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The Milk Farm: An Erotic Novel
Luc Milne
At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Bill Bryson
The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
Neil A. Fiore
Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
The Saturnalia Effect - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane Lovely story - very well written, stylistically beautiful, and Troy and Daniel make a sexy pair. This would have been a five-star for me if the ending had been just a little bit better supported by the earlier parts of the book. Actually the character development is well supported and consistent throughout, and I felt the plot needed more foreshadowing. The jump from gritty prison narrative to magic realism was a bit abrupt, even with the mention of the statue in the beginning. Still, a very enjoyable story, and I highly recommend getting the version straight from the publishers with the bonus sex scene. The bonus scene is 10 out of the 52 pages, and pretty hot.