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Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
Cethe - Becca  Abbott There's something about Becca Abbott's writing style that very likeable and appealing. I had really enjoyed her online fanfiction, especially the 2 lengthy Ai No Kusabe fanfic stories which are each outstanding (if you don't mind lots of noncon), and I also enjoyed Cethe thoroughly. The book is well-written, the world is interesting, and yes the romance in this one is a little formulaic but it still grabbed me and since this is a longer book the progression from enemies/master-slave to true love was well developed.

There's a completed sequel on the the author's subscription site which is Severin's story and which was also a very good read. Hopefully that will get published in book form soon.

As another aside, Becca Abbot's several Gundam Wing fanfics are fabulous too - on par with PL Nunn's Smallville fanfic, in that they are very satisfying reads even if you weren't a fan of the originals.