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Chaos Magic - Jay Lygon This book has a terrible Amazon blurb - instead of being enticing it was actually offputting. It made the book sound like one of those pseudo-greek-mythology fictions that were popular a few years ago (possibly because the name Hector brought the Iliad to mind).

It would get recommended by GW, I would look at the blurb, and decide not to read it. Repeat and rinse from my memory and repeat again.

But so many readers whose opinion I trust kept praising the book, that I finally caved in, and it turned out to be something completely different!

Sam is a pagan believer whose worship is so sincere and powerful that he can incarnate gods by worshipping them. Some of them are very appropos, like the goddess of traffic (he lives in Los Angeles) and some are tricky like the Deal, the goddess of deal-making. This became a problem when he turned his abusive ex-boyfriend into the god of fear. Sam's rebounding from an abusive ex and finds Hector, a strong, controlling, and uber-jealous dominant. Hector's jealousy stems from the fact that he dated a series of cheaters before Sam. And Sam - you would think he should've known better after his earlier experience, but no, he sets out to worship Hector, with predictable results. So this book is really about adorably weird sub Sam coping with his history of abuse, a still-persistent abuser, and a new jealous lover, set against a quirky background of modern L.A. with meddlesome living gods as side characters.

All the characters are drawn really well and this is a story that comes to life in vibrant color. There are some really hot scenes, but for me this book wasn't about the hot sex so much as it was about Sam's recovery and rejuvenation. This book has a nice conclusory ending, but I'm still happy that there are books 2 and 3 to look forward to. :)