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By the light of the Moon  (Assassin/Shifter, #3) - Sandrine Gasq-Dion Not going to rate this because I couldn't finish it. At about 30% the mountain of disbelief I'd been suspending fell and squashed me.

So, um, you run over a wild wolf in Alaska, then you just pick it up and put it on your passenger seat and it never crosses your mind that an injured wolf might bite you (of course it doesn't bite - cause unbeknownst to you it's a werewooof)...and on the drive home the wolf sticks its snout into your crotch, and your reaction is, "Hey there, little girl, I'm flattered, but we aren't the same type" (actual quote) cause yep, no worries at all about the wild wolf biting you where it'll hurt most. (The gender confusion was meant to be funny, but it just makes Sam seem even dumber.) Then your rescued wolf turns out to (1) be potty trained, (2) be happy to be petted and pushed around by you, (3) immediately sleeps on your bed with you, (4) fetches thrown balls (seriously) and you don't think that's strange at all. You're Native American and just spent three weeks volunteering with a Park Ranger in Denali National Park, but you don't even consider returning your rescued wolf to the wild. No, instead, you make immediate plans to take it home with you as a pet. You call up a friend who'd been to the park before, and when you describe a small wolf, he instantly knows that your wolf is named "Dakota". Your friend is happy that you're planning to keep the wolf. This all happens in the first 5% of the book, and yet with a herculean effort I managed to plough through another 25% before giving up - don't have the energy to summarize it here it though.

I know, how much can I spoil if I've only read 30%, but I don't want to ruin anyone's enjoyment of how our heros meet. :) Maybe the 70% that I'm forgoing is fabulous and amazing and contains an explanation that completely justifies the beginning, which would be fantasic and I wish someone who had more stamina than I and actually finished the book would comment here and let me know if that's the case.