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Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
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The Invisible Hands - Part 1: Gambit - Andrew Ashling This was much better than I expected! I really enjoyed the first trilogy - Invisible Chains - however even though it ended beautifully, there were so many moving pieces to the story that I half expected Invisible Hands to start out as a plotting mess. It's not. This book is instead both brilliantly plotted and well paced, and was a pleasure to read throughout.

The key characters all played out central components of the ongoing story, and Ehandar and Anaxants continue to be fascinating. I particularly injoyed a subplot wtih Rullio. A couple of interesting new characters were introduced and I expect they'll be further developed in book 2 of this trilogy.

To get the most out of this book, I think it's best to start at the beginning of Invisible Chains and read the 4 books in order. Will be looking forward to the next one!