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Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
Underlying - Magalina A well-written, intense, teenage enemies-to-lovers tale with some very funny moments. The side characters are well drawn too - Mark's and Sandy's friends and both families - and this adds to the richness of the story. The slide from violence to reluctant attraction is paced just right.

They've been enemies forever and Mark always throws the first punch and gets the blame, while Sandy is polite and popular and usually gets let off, which of course makes Mark fume. Then one day Mark runs over Sandy with his car and now he can't punch Sandy anymore because Sandy can't fight back with his arm in a cast. On top of that, their parents punish Mark by making him drive Sandy everywhere since he demolished Sandy's bicycle in the same accident. All this enforced time together without being able to beat each other up...whatever will they do? :)

This should be read with the 4 additional short stories, or else the ending will feel kind of abrupt.