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ANSWER (ラキア・スーパーエクストラ・ノベルズ) - 崎谷 はるひ Have to give it 5 stars even on a partial reading. I know I should be all disapproving of a romance that starts with a rape, but the characters are so adorable and the sex scenes are sooo hot that I'm really loving this!

Mashiba Takaaki, having been dumped and having attended his ex's wedding, is out drinking and stumbles upon Hatano Yukio. He tricks the gentle Hatano into inviting him home, promptly rapes Hatano (who passes out from the pain) and then proceeds to blackmail Hatano into an ongoing sexual relationship (Hatano works with children in a nursery). This has been going on for 6 months already by the book's beginning, as we learn in a flashback. Hatano has grown sexually dependent on Mashiba, and is now actually the clingier of the two, as Mashiba plays his body like a violin. Hatano also realizes that since he likewise knows Mashiba's identity and workplace, the blackmail is a pretty flimsy cover for what they're doing.

Our guys get down to some long, descriptive and compelling sex scenes, with lots of angst in between. Hatano is described as 32, 5 years older than Mashiba, and slim and small, while Mashiba is buff and beautiful (in fact the cover for the Japanese book is drawn by Ayano Yamane and on it Mashiba looks just like Asami from the Finder series). It turns out Hatano has a tragic backstory and Mashiba, who felt no guilt in the beginning, discovers the backstory at the same time as his feelings for Hatano are softening. The result: Mashiba is suddenly overwhelmed by guilt, and now Hatano has to do the chasing if he still wants Mashiba.

I'm still searching for a full english version, as the translation I found ends halfway through. This is really the best yaoi story I've read in some time, and I can tell I'm going to be obsessively checking for translation updates!